This is

A special charitable initiative to support survivors and victims of child exploitation.
Because in many cases, a life of being a normal part of society is everything a child can ask for.


Child Slavery Still Exists

If a human soul can be exploited to derive economic value, what
kind of economic value can be provided in exchange for that soul?
This is our question; and thus begins our quest to maximize every cent that we use.

Our Promises:

We do not touch
your money.

The premise is that Equilibria operates like an endowment. Every single donation received is placed into a safe account, for which the interest generated is the only thing used to provide assistance where it matters.

0% spending
on advertising

Equilibria will never spend anything on advertising or marketing. Corporate donors have been secured to cover Equilibria's current and any future advertisement & marketing expenses.

0% spending
on fundraising

Equilibria will never spend anything on fundraising. Corporate donors have been secured to cover Equilibria's current and any future fundraising expenses.

salary expenses

For any and all future human resources required to administrate Equilibria, any paid wages will be set as the Canadian Ontario minimum wage ($8~9 USD per hour maximum as of 2017, with zero benefits).

No office,
equipment costs

Equilibria has received full donations for office, equipment, and office operation costs. We hope that every dollar of interest generated goes out into the world, in the most strategically beneficial form.

risk & volatility

Absolutely no investment of the endowment will involve reducing the value of the existing endowment. We do not spend our time looking for the best investment return, but the best way to use interest.

We do not
force spending

As a unique arrangement, we seek to minimize waste by not forcing spending of surplus. Any and all monthly surplus is cycled back into the savings sum to generate future interest.

We do not change our ideals

These established items will never be changed by Equilibria into the future. There are no mechanisms to change these pre-established items by any CEO, board member, of project manager - present or future.